German Language Courses
Instructor Angelika Heinze, Olga Husch, Sandra Künstler, Simone Lampert, Armin Marschall, Anna Pohlschmidt, Anna Reim, Sylvia Rieger, Deborah Schlimbach, Jennifer Schrodt, Tanja Siebert, Barbara Stöckle, Sabine Winterkamp, Christine Weber-Neumann
FU-BEST 1: Contemporary Germany in European Perspective
Instructor Dr. Dirk Verheyen
FU-BEST 2: Integration, Conflict, and Security in Europe
Instructor Dr. Dirk Verheyen
FU-BEST 3: Exploring Classical Music: Baroque to Contemporary
Instructor Dr. Andrew Noble
FU-BEST 4: Perspectives on 20th Century Art in Central Europe
Instructor Dr. Matthias Vollmer
FU-BEST 5: German Cinema Before 1945 (Fall only)
Instructor Dr. Philipp Stiasny
FU-BEST 6: The Human Condition and the Totalitarian Experience
Instructor Thomas Werneke
FU-BEST 7: Berlin: History, Memory, Literature
Instructor Dr. Marita Roth
FU-BEST 8: Modern German History in European Context: A Thematic Approach
Instructor Dr. Martin Jander
FU-BEST 9a: The Promise of German Philosophy: Kant to Hegel (Fall only)
Instructor Dr. Frieder Otto Wolf
FU-BEST 9b: Tragedy and New Beginnings in German Philosophy: From Marx and Nietzsche to Habermas (Spring only)
Instructor Dr. Frieder Otto Wolf
FU-BEST 10: Islam and Europe: Historical and Contemporary Dimensions
Instructor Fatih Abay
FU-BEST 11: European Business Cultures: Management and Marketing in Cross-National Perspective
Instructor Connie Voigt
FU-BEST 12: Architecture in Berlin from the 19th Century to today
Instructor Gernot Weckherlin
FU-BEST 13: Contemporary Cinema in Germany and Europe (Spring only)
Instructor Dr. Lihi Nagler (substitute for Dr. Philipp Stiasny in Spring 2016)
FU-BEST 14: Theatermetropole Berlin: Vergangenheit und Gegenwart
Instructor Dr. Julia Bertschik, Dr. Marita Roth
FU-BEST 16: Themes and Issues in Transatlantic Relations
Instructor Rolf-Dieter Schnelle
FU-BEST 17: European Legal Traditions
Instructor Dr. Sebastian Golla
FU-BEST 18: Environmental Politics and Policy in Europe
Instructor Dr. Andrzej Ancygier
FU-BEST 19: Art and Dictatorship
Instructor Jan Thomas Köhler
FU-BEST 20: Pop Culture: European-American Trends
Instructor Dr. Jana Toppe
FU-BEST 21: European Traditions in Sociology
Instructor Dr. Klaus Müller
FU-BEST 22: Media Politics: Structures and Case-Studies in Germany and Europe
Instructor Till Büser
FU-BEST 23: History of Modern European Diplomacy
Instructor Markus Bodler
FU-BEST 24: Europe in the Global Economy
Instructor Dr. Ognian Hishow (Fall only), Ulas Sener (Spring only)
FU-BEST 25: Jewish Life in Central Europe
Instructor Christoph Kapp
FU-BEST 26: Statistics for the Social Sciences: Quantitative Research Methods
Instructor Thijs Benschop
FU-BEST 27: Women’s and Gender Studies in Transatlantic Context
Instructor Dr. Heike Schimkat
FU-BEST 28: Film Music: Listening Outside the Frame (Spring only)
Instructor Dr. Hilary Baker
FU-BEST 29: Music in the Digital Age (Fall only)
Instructor Dr. Hilary Baker
FU-BEST 30: Energizing Europe: 21st-Century Renewable and Fossil Transformations
Instructor Dr. Thomas W. O'Donnell