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German Language Courses
InstructorStephan Fleck, Florian Krug, Sandra Künstler, Simone Lampert, Sylvia Rieger, Judith Schüler, Susanne Sichting, Tanja Siebert, Barbara Stöckle, Susanne Thiel, Christine Weber-Neumann
FU-BEST 1: Contemporary Germany in European Perspective
InstructorDr. Dirk Verheyen
FU-BEST 2: Integration, Conflict, and Security in Europe
InstructorDr. Dirk Verheyen
FU-BEST 3: Exploring Classical Music: Baroque to Contemporary
InstructorDr. Andrew Noble
FU-BEST 4: Perspectives on 20th-Century Art in Central Europe
InstructorDr. Matthias Vollmer
FU-BEST 5: German Cinema Before 1945 (Fall only)
InstructorDr. Philipp Stiasny
FU-BEST 6: The Human Condition and the Totalitarian Experience
InstructorThomas Werneke
FU-BEST 7: Berlin: History, Memory, Literature
InstructorDr. Marita Roth
FU-BEST 8: Modern German History in European Context: A Thematic Approach
InstructorDr. Martin Jander
FU-BEST 9a: The Promise of German Philosophy: Kant to Hegel (Fall only)
InstructorDr. Frieder Otto Wolf
FU-BEST 9b: Tragedy and New Beginnings in German Philosophy: From Marx and Nietzsche to Habermas (Spring only)
InstructorDr. Frieder Otto Wolf
FU-BEST 10: Islam and Europe: Historical and Contemporary Dimensions
InstructorFatih Abay
FU-BEST 11: European Business Cultures: Management and Marketing in Cross-National Perspective
InstructorConnie Voigt
FU-BEST 12: Architecture in Berlin from the 19th Century to today
InstructorDr.-Ing. Gernot Weckherlin
FU-BEST 13: Contemporary Cinema in Germany and Europe (Spring only)
InstructorDr. Philipp Stiasny
FU-BEST 14: Theatermetropole Berlin: Vergangenheit und Gegenwart (part of the GermanPLUS+ package)
InstructorDr. Julia Bertschik, , Dr. Marita Roth
FU-BEST 15: Deutschland und seine Kunst – eine Nation in Bildern (part of the GermanPLUS+ package)
InstructorDr. Matthias Vollmer
FU-BEST 16: Themes and Issues in Transatlantic Relations
InstructorRolf-Dieter Schnelle
FU-BEST 17: European Legal Traditions
InstructorDr. Detlef von Daniels
FU-BEST 18: Environmental Politics and Policy in Europe
InstructorDr. Andrzej Ancygier
FU-BEST 19: Art and Dictatorship
InstructorJan Thomas Köhler
FU-BEST 20: Pop Culture: European-American Trends
InstructorDr. Karolina Golimowska
FU-BEST 21: European Traditions in Sociology
InstructorDr. Klaus Müller
FU-BEST 22: Media Politics: Structures and Case-Studies in Germany and Europe
InstructorTill Büser
FU-BEST 23: History of Modern European Diplomacy
InstructorMarkus Bodler
FU-BEST 24: Europe in the Global Economy
InstructorDr. Ognian Hishow
FU-BEST 25: Jewish Life in Central Europe
InstructorChristoph Kapp
FU-BEST 26: Statistics for the Social Sciences: Quantitative Research Methods
InstructorThijs Benschop
FU-BEST 27: Women’s and Gender Studies in Transatlantic Context
InstructorDr. Heike Schimkat
FU-BEST 28: Film Music: Listening Outside the Frame (Spring only)
InstructorDr. Hilary Baker
FU-BEST 29: Music in the Digital Age (Fall only)
InstructorDr. Hilary Baker
FU-BEST 30: Energizing Europe: 21st-Century Renewable and Fossil Transformations
InstructorDr. Thomas W. O'Donnell
FU-BEST 31: Deutsch, Deutscher, Deutschland: Identität(en), Geschichte, Politik (part of the GermanPLUS+ package)
InstructorDr. Marcus Funck
FU-BEST 32: The Reformation Heritage in Germany and Europe
InstructorLuise Baur
FU-BEST 33: Green Business: German and European Sustainable Entrepreneurship
InstructorJana Gebauer (Spring only), , Linda Bergset (Fall only)