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Dr. Martin Jander



Malteserstraße 74-100, Haus S
12249 Berlin

Dr. Jander was born in Freiburg im Breisgau.
During his studies of German, History, Sociology, and Political Science in the late 1970s and early 1980s in West-Berlin, he established contact with several opposition members in the GDR and followed their activities. Since then, the topic of opposition in the GDR has been one of his main research fields; he was devoted to it in the research group on the East German Communist State at Freie Universität Berlin, during his graduate studies in Political Science, and through his activities as associate professor in the Political Science department at FU Berlin. Since 2001, Dr. Jander has worked as author and journalist in Berlin and teaches German and European history in the Berlin programs of New York University and Stanford University, aside from the FU-BEST Program, and does research on German left-wing terrorism in a project of the Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung. His many publications include „Formierung und Krise der DDR-Opposition“ (Berlin, 1996) as well as teaching materials on various German historical topics for “Geschichte betrifft uns” (Aachen) and several guide-books focused primarily on Berlin.