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Stay in touch with the Alumni Office of the Freie Universität
Stay in touch with the Alumni Office of the Freie Universität Image Credit: Freie Universität Berlin

Did you study, research, teach, or work at Freie Universität Berlin? Do you want to stay or get back in touch with your alma mater and other alumni? Please join the Freie Universität Alumni Network!

Registering with the Freie Universität Alumni Office

Registration with the Freie Universität Alumni Office gives you access to a number of special alumni benefits. In addition, we will keep you informed about the latest news and developments in academia, research and university life via digital and print publications. You will also receive invitations to various events at Freie Universität.

For more information about the free registration with the Alumni Office, please follow this link.

Becoming a Member of the Ernst-Reuter-Geselllschaft

Please also consider joining the Ernst-Reuter-Gesellschaft der Freunde, Förderer und Ehemaligen der Freien Universität e.V.. As a member of the Ernst-Reuter-Gesellschaft, you will benefit from many additional services – including a ZEDAT e-mail account – and you will actively supporting the work of the Association and Freie Universität with your membership.

For more information on the many membership benefits and general information on the Ernst-Reuter-Gesellschaft, please click here.

Whether you register with the Alumni Office or decide to join the Ernst-Reuter-Gesellschaft, we look forward to hearing from you!

Your Alumni Team