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The central web pages are Freie Universität's official website on behalf of the President of Freie Universität Berlin
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Reaching the Goal with Fewer Clicks

With the rollout of its new visual identity, the website of Freie Universität Berlin received a new face in 2011.

The “media window” in the page header on the homepage highlights recent topics that enhance the university’s profile with photos and videos. There are five main navigation elements: About, Education, Research, Departments, and Collaboration.

To the right of that is a navigation section for specific target groups. Several new target groups were added: Children and Teachers, Ph.D. / Postdocs, Professionals, and Visitors. All target groups have an overview page, which gives them quick access to the information that is of interest to them.

“Quicklinks” offer a faster way to reach frequently visited pages such as academic departments, libraries, or continuing education programs from the homepage.

Alongside the revised content and new cross-references, the design of the website of Freie Universität was updated and technological refinements were made. The new visual identity offers greater flexibility in terms of page layout, with elements that can be placed in various positions. This opens up individual design possibilities for the different units and areas at the university.

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In this section, the university introduces itself in brief. You can learn important information about the history of the founding of Freie Universität and fundamental aspects of the university’s profile, guiding principles, organization, and development. Key figures are listed here  – rectors, presidents, and members who have won academic awards and distinctions. Freie Universität itself has garnered various awards and distinctions – as part of the German Excellence Initiative, as a family-friendly university, and for its efforts to protect the climate, to name a few areas. This section also includes further information on these accomplishments..      


Click this menu item to find out all of the important information on education at Freie Universität.

In this section, you can get an overview of the degree programs and doctoral study options offered at Freie Universität. Alongside information on the application process and upcoming deadlines, you can also find information listed alphabetically from A to Z and information on where to turn for organizational matters. Freie Universität offers a full range of advising and counseling services, from “traditional” phone advising to chat-based options. This section also includes links to various applications, forms, and information sheets.

For international students and students already attending Freie Universität who are interested in study abroad opportunities, there is a separate section labeled “Studying Abroad” under “International.”

One new feature is an e-learning program for first-semester students that makes it easier for those just beginning their studies to get started at Freie Universität.


This menu item takes you to the section on research activities at Freie Universität Berlin, where you can gain insight into research emphases, research networks, research programs, and excellence clusters at Freie Universität. This section also includes online databases where you can get information on externally funded projects at Freie Universität, for example. There is a wealth of information here on research funding and support for junior scholars and scientists and the area of knowledge transfer and presentation of research as well as a variety of other useful links.


This section provides an overview of the various academic and administrative departments and institutions at Freie Universität. Clicking this item in the menu takes you to the university’s academic departments, central institutes, the university management and administration, the governing boards, representatives, and many service institutions at Freie Universität.

The departments and institutions are depicted according to the university’s organizational structure, with the option to click through to each institution sought. Alternatively, you can search for a department or institution using the alphabetical index.

For each institution or department, the address, office and/or contact person, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address are listed. For institutes and divisions, the professors’ names and phone numbers are also listed.

These pages are maintained by the Online Editorial Department. Most departments and institutions also have their own websites, which appear when you click the “Homepage” link. These sites typically present detailed information. The departments and institutions themselves are responsible for these sites.


This section offers a look at the many fields in which Freie Universität collaborates with others: As an international network university, Freie Universität Berlin maintains cooperative relationships at the regional, national, and international levels.

This menu item lists important partners and memberships of Freie Universität from the fields of academia, science, and research. You can also find information on cooperative arrangements with other universities or other research institutions. Schoolchildren, teachers, and parents can get information on the many services offered by the Center for Cooperation with Schools, and researchers and entrepreneurs can find tips and contact details regarding knowledge and technology transfer – from start-up assistance and funding to patent law.

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This link takes you back to the homepage of Freie Universität Berlin.


This section lists the main points of contact and addresses for information of all kinds. Maps of of all four campuses help you find your way around on campus at Freie Universität Berlin.

Legal Notice

The legal notice provides information on the legal form, technical design, editorial staff, VAT ID number and address of the central website of Freie Universität Berlin in accordance with § 5 of the German Telemediengesetz (Telemedia Act, TMG).


This section provides a full overview of all websites under, depicted as a tree structure.


These buttons allow you to switch between the German and English pages of Freie Universität. English translations are posted for all of the main webpages.


Quicklinks offer direct access to all of the main websites of Freie Universität. The individual quicklinks are sorted logically according to topic: education, campus, libraries, departments, careers (this section also includes the site listing job offers at Freie Universität), family, culture, sports, internal matters and IT services. The IT services section also includes a direct link to the webmail service offered by ZEDAT, which provides those affiliated with the university with an e-mail address with mailbox function.


The Alphabetical Index for the central pages helps you find your way through the university’s extensive website. If you are looking for the Academic Advisory Service, for example, you can click A above to jump to that section and then scroll to the link for the Academic Advisory Service.

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All target groups have their own overview page, which gives each group faster access to the information of interest for its members. Several new target groups were added: Children and Teachers, Ph.D. / Postdocs, Professionals, and Visitors.

The new page now offers specific information for ten target groups.

  • Alumni and Supporters
  • Children and Teachers
  • Employees
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Journalists
  • Ph.D. / Postdocs
  • Professionals
  • Prospective Students
  • Students
  • Visitors
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Please note our disclaimer.

The Online Editorial Department is happy to receive requests for changes and suggestions of all kinds, including suggestions for improvements, and will forward these communications to the appropriate contact persons as necessary.


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The page footer contains functions to take you back to the homepage or the five main navigation points – About, Education, Research, Departments, and Collaboration – which offer an overview combined with a wealth of detailed information about all aspects of Freie Universität Berlin.

You can also find banners on specific events, departments or institutions, or awards and distinctions of Freie Universität here.

The page footer also repeats functions from the page header, such as Homepage, Sitemap, Index, Contact, and Legal Notice.

Under “Feedback,” you can let us know your opinion on the central pages of Freie Universität.


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Vorlesung im Henry-Ford-Bau
Vorlesung im Henry-Ford-Bau
Image Credit: David Ausserhofer

On the following pages you can find help and support for using the online course catalog.

Starting in the 2012/2013 winter semester, the new course catalog will be available at This guide offers help and support for using the new service.

Further information:

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Abt. division (Abteilung)
ABZ ZEDAT Schooling and Advice Center (Ausbildungs- und Beratungszentrum)
AG working group (Arbeitsgemeinschaft)
apl. unscheduled (außerplanmäßig)
BP vocationally oriented internship (berufsorientiertes Praktikum)
CBB Berlin-Buch Campus
CBF Benjamin Franklin Campus
CCM Charité Mitte
CVK Virchow-Klinikum Campus
C Colloquium
CeDiS Center for Digital Systems
cr credit points
D demonstration
DPO regulations for the final examination for the degree of Diplom (Diplomprüfungsordnung)
E field trip (Exkursion)
EK introductory course (Einführungskurs)
em. emeritus (emeritiert)
EP empirical internship (Empirisches Praktikum)
Ex examination preparation (Examinatorium)
FB department (Fachbereich)
FK subject-specific course (Fachkurs)
FMI Friedrich Meinecke Institute
FR subject (Fachrichtung)
FS research seminar (Forschungsseminar)
GK basic course (Grundkurs)
HFB Henry Ford Building
Hon.Prof. adjunct professor (Honorarprofessor/in)
HS main seminar (Hauptseminar)
Hs lecture hall (Hörsaal)
HSchlAss university assistant (Hochschulassistent/in)
Inst. institute
JFKI John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies
K course (Kurs, Kursus)
KHI Department of Art History (Kunsthistorisches Institut)
Kk course with written exam (Klausurenkurs)
kommiss. provisional (kommissarisch)
KVV course catalog with commentary (Kommentiertes Vorlesungsverzeichnis)
L reading (Lektüre)
LAI Institute for Latin American Studies
LV-Nr. course number (Lehrveranstaltungsnummer)
m.d.W.b. tasked with implementation (mit der Wahrnehmung beauftragt)
MPI Max Planck Institute
n. V. per agreement (nach Vereinbarung)
OA/OÄ senior physician (Oberarzt/Oberärztin)
OAS East Asian Studies Division (Ostasiatisches Seminar)
OEI Institute for East European Studies (Osteuropa-Institut)
OS upper division seminar (Oberseminar)
OSI Otto Suhr Institute (Department of Political Sciences)
P internship (Praktikum)
PG project group (Projektgruppe)
Pj Project
Pk project course (Projektkurs)
Priv.-Doz. lecturer (Privatdozent)
PS Proseminar
PW teaching workshop (Pädagogische Werkstatt)
Rp refresher for examination preparation (Repetitorium)
RV lecture series (Ringvorlesung)
S seminar
s. A. see posted notice (siehe Aushang)
Sfb collaborative research center (Sonderforschungsbereich)
SK language course (Sprachkurs)
SP study project (Studienprojekt)
SPS practical school studies (Schulpraktische Studien)
SR seminar room (Seminarraum)
StR i.H. Studienrat im Hochschuldienst (civil servant title)
SWS weekly credit hours (Semesterwochenstunden)
T Tutorium
Ü exercise (Übung)
UP practical teaching course (Unterrichtspraktikum)
V lecture (Vorlesung)
W guide to scientific and academic work (Anleitung zu wissenschaftlichem Arbeiten)
WE scientific/academic institution (Wissenschaftliche Einrichtung)
Wiss.Ass. scientific/academic assistant (Wissenschaftlicher Assistent/Wissenschaftliche Assistentin)
ZE central service (Zentraleinrichtung)
ZI central institute (Zentralinstitut)
ZEDAT Computing Services (Zentraleinrichtung Datenverarbeitung)
ZUV central university administration (Zentrale Universitätsverwaltung)


Accessible parking
Accessible entrance (no stairs) via ramp or directly
Accessible restroom
Elevator with at least 140 x 110 cm floor space
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