Research at Freie Universität Berlin

Research at Freie Universität Berlin is characterized by the diversity of the academic networks the university maintains as well as by interdisciplinary fields of research that establish research foci and set future research trends. Freie Universität Berlin promotes the transfer of knowledge and offers junior scholars a high level of education.

Research Networks

Intensive cooperation with other universities and independent research institutions as well as private enterprise reinforces and broadens the fundamental, application, and contract research carried out at Freie Universität as well as the university’s position as a competitive research institution on a global scale. The main features of Freie Universität’s research activities include the broad variety of global academic and scientific cooperation arrangements in place as part of alliance projects and interdisciplinary networks with other entities active in research. The goal is to identify social, economic, and cultural trends on a global scale and to develop relevant fields of research. Its aim is to focus the research content and profile of individual departments in transdisciplinary fields of research to develop solutions for globally relevant issues.

The Focus Areas have been one of the key elements of Freie Universität's research strategy. The Focus Areas form academic and scientific networks and working platforms for interdisciplinary collaborative research at Freie Universität.

Transfer of Knowledge

In addition to actively promoting the transfer of knowledge and technology to the broader public and private enterprise, Freie Universität encourages the utilization of innovative research results by private industry. In addition, the university supports the foundation of business ventures by its students, graduates, and scholars.

The excellent quality of research at Freie Universität Berlin is confirmed by the high positions it achieves in university rankings. The importance of the university’s research achievements is reflected in its steady increase in external funding in the past years and in the many prestigious research awards received by scholars of Freie Universität Berlin.

Research News

Für Pflanzen sind Chloroplasten lebenswichtige, aber auch nicht ganz ungefährliche „Zellmieter“. Das Forscherteam untersucht, wie die Kommunikation zwischen beiden funktioniert.

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A team of biologists has discovered a new control system that is important to how plants adjust to light

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Researchers from Freie Universität Berlin and NASA Measure Photosynthesis Activity

Recognizing at a glance how well the corn crop is growing in an entire region – and doing so from space, no less

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When Facebook Makes People Happy

Psychologist Anna Metzler studies the behavior of children and teens on the social network Facebook

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