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External Funding Administration

External fundraising administration at Freie Universität Berlin represents the link between the providers of funding (donors, contributors) and recipients (beneficiaries) through the following activities:

  • Support for scholars and scientists in case of financial and funder-specific questions across all project phases
  • Establishing funds based on external funding after approval and elimination of these funds after the project is concluded
  • Preparing for and implementing requests to draw down funds with the provider of the funds
  • Preparing and reviewing documentation of use of funds
  • Approving hiring in the case of employees whose positions are financed externally

Visiting address

Freien Universität Berlin
Division VI: Research 
External funding administration (Team VI DMV)
Rudeloffweg 25/27
D - 14195 Berlin

Postal address

Freien Universität Berlin
Division VI: Research 
Kaiserswerther Str. 16-18
D - 14195 Berlin

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