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Fees and Contributions

The Freie Universität Berlin does not charge any tuition fees (except for continuing education programs), rather so-called "Semestergebühren und -beiträge" (fees and contributions). The legal basis for charging these fees and contributions may be viewed here.

Payable for winter semester 2021/22 is a total of 312.89 €:

  • 50.00 €  enrollment fee/re-registration fee

  • 54.09 €  semester contribution to the studierendenWERK BERLIN” student support service      

  • 10.00 €   contribution to the student government (Studierendenschaft)

  • 198.80 €  transportation ticket contribution (tariff area ABC), includes 5.00 € to the Social Fond

For further information please contact the Student Records and Registration Office or the AStA - Semesterticketbüro.

An additional late payment fee of 19.94 € (Säumnisgebühr) is charged for overdue payments received after the re-registration deadline.

Students with a valid disability card and eligibility for free public transport are exempt from payment for the public transportation ticket. Applications for exemptions from the public transportation ticket contribution may be submitted to the Student Records and Registration Office and should include relevant proof (copies). Thereafter, the fees and contributions are reduced by the amount due for public transportation ticket.

Further fees and contributions:

Additional fees may apply for the replacement of documents (i.e., new student ID "Campuscard", “Studienbuchseite“ study book page or other enrollment certificates.

Please visit Info-Service Studium for information on Freie Universität Berlin (“Gebührenkonten”) account details. If you are transferring your payment from abroad, please be sure to adjust the sum accordingly to accommodate any incurred bank transfer fees. In some cases, the payment partner needs information about the address of the university’s main bank in order to process payments from foreign countries. The main branch of the DEUTSCHE BANK PGK AG is located at: Unter den Linden 13 - 15, 10117 Berlin.

Kindly consider additional transaction fees and charges when transferring fees from abroad.