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Educational Research

- Master´s programs

Department of Education and Psychology
Susanne Heinze-Drinda
Habelschwerdter Allee 45
14195 Berlin

For admittance to the master’s program, applicants need to fulfill the following admission requirements:

  • A professionally qualifying German or equivalent foreign university degree with an educational science or educational research component of at least 60 credit points (ECTS) or a university degree in educational science, political science, psychology, or sociology also qualifies. Applicants must have earned at the minimum 15 credit points in empirical research methods, of which no less than 9 credit points must be in quantitative procedures, proven in their degree.

Applicants who have obtained their degree from a foreign university or an equivalent institution must provide proof of German language skills. This can be done by passing the German language examination (DSH) to qualify for university entrance or by providing evidence of an equivalent level of German knowledge in accordance with the regulations for the German language examination (DSH) for foreign applicants at Freie Universität Berlin.

Among other factors, there are following selection criteria:

  • Depending on the grade average achieved in the previous study program shown on the degree certificate, applicants will be awarded up to 90 selection points.

Furthermore, up to 25 selection points granted as follows:

  • Once-off, 10 selection points for proof of study and examination achievements of at least 20 credit points in the field of empirical research methods


  • As far as the university degree being obtained in the subject's psychology, sociology or political science: once-off 15 selection points awarded for the proof of study and examination achievements in the amount of at least 10 credit points, in which applicants have examined educational topics


  • if the previous university degree was obtained as part of a course of study with an educational science or educational research component of at least 60 CP or in the subject of educational science: 15 selection points are granted one time only for the proof of study and examination achievements of at least 10 credit points in the field of educational diagnostics.

Further information can be found in the regulations on allocation of study placement for the master’s program educational research.

Students do not pay any tuition fees, the university only charges semester fees and contributions each semester.

The subject matter of this consecutive, research-oriented study program is research in the field of education science. Students examine the fundamentals of education theory and research methodology, and specific concentrations within the program offer the opportunity to focus on two areas of emphasis in research in education – institutionalized education and education as a cultural form of knowledge. Common theoretical bases apply to both the individual and the social prerequisites and effects of learning, education, socialization, and the development of the education system. Theories in education are used as tools to reflect on education as a social practice with regard to its traditions, its application in current research, and its development. The common fundamentals of education research are the general techniques of scientific and academic work and the methodology and methods used for empirical research.

Within the program, students focus on the areas of research and development.

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