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Studies in Ancient Civilisations (Concentration: Egyptology)

- Mono bachelor

Department of History and Cultural Studies
Egyptological Seminar
Fabeckstr. 23-25
14195 Berlin
(030) 838-56803, 838-70291

1st Semester Admissions
Unrestricted admission
Admission for Higher Semesters
Unrestricted admission (application open for 3rd and 5th semester in winter semester, for 2nd, 4th and 6th semester in summer semester)
Program Start
Winter semester
Additional language requirements
English (Level B1 GER)
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
6 semesters

Egyptology is a single-subject study program (Monobachelor) within the Ancient Studies Bachelor’s degree program at the Freie Universität Berlin. Only as a Master’s program is Egyptology offered outside this framework. Beginning students will thus be participating in courses dealing with not only Egyptology, but also ancient Near Eastern studies, ancient Near Eastern archeology, classical archeology, and prehistoric archeology, all of which together comprise the Ancient Studies Department. This ensures that beginning students can have a look at all of these subjects and get a thorough grounding in them. Furthermore, it enables them to learn interdisciplinary approaches, which is important in research and teaching at universities, as well as in professional life. It is also possible to study Egyptology as a minor subject in a combination Bachelor’s (Kombi-Bachelor) with a major of 90 credit points (Leistungspunkte, abbreviated LP). As a minor subject Egyptology is made up of 60 or 30 credit points. For more information about Egyptology as a minor subject, please click here.

Everything you need to know about the Bachelor’s program Ancient Studies (Core subject: Egyptology) can be found in the Study and Examinations Regulations

The single-subject Bachelor’s Ancient Studies (Core subject: Egyptology) is divided into four sub-sections:

In addition to the (1) core subject (Profilbereich) that is the chosen core area (Egyptology) on which you focus your studies, courses of the (2) integrative area (Integrativer Bereich) must be completed. This includes courses from the other four research fields within the Ancient Studies program. (3) General professional skills courses (Allgemeine Berufsvorbereitung, abbreviated ABV) allow students to gain practical work experiences in potential later working areas and the (4) related area (Affiner Bereich) comprises courses that deepen the student’s knowledge in related academic fields.

Study and examination guidelines

The study and examination guidelines can be found here. These guidelines are intended to give advice about courses and contents of the BA study program. There are several forms of teaching: lectures, language courses, seminars and exercises; details of which are explained in the guidelines. The study guidelines describe every module (content, qualification aim, expected work-load for the student in hours etc.). The exemplary course schedule shows the ideal order of consecutive modules students should follow in their studies.

Please note that all Egyptology BA and MA course offerings are in German only!

Starting your study program