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Application with German and non-German Degrees

For continuing education master’s degree programs except European Studies, please apply using the online-application form at the bottom of this page. The application address for the abovementioned exception can be found on the program's homepage.

After the successful submission of your online application, please upload the following documentswithin the application portal. You will receive information concerning the upload via automated confirmation email, which is sent to the e-mail address you stated in your online application. Please note that documents have to be submitted as data files to Freie Universität Berlin. Documents send by mail will not be considered!

Login and upload of documents are available only from 12 a.m. on the day after receiving the confirmation e-mail.


prior academic degree and official transcript of records

including completion date;
please highlight the completion date on your international degree certificate
evidence of subsequent work experience usually not less than one year after first academic degree e.g. employer’s reference, certificate of employment, certificate of internship
translations If you earned your academic degree or your relevant professional work experience abroad, you are also required to submit translations of the certificates prepared by an official translator. Records in English do not need to be translated.
if applicable German language skills Only for german speaking continuing education master’s degree programs
additional documents Study Programs contains information on which documents can be uploaded additionally. Please open the link to your desired program. You will find this information under “admission requirements” and “homepage”
certification from an Academic Evaluation Centre (Akademische Prüfstelle - APS) in addition to the required documents applicants coming from China or Vietnam

Please check carefully if you have uploaded all required documents in due time. Your application is considered incomplete if your documents are not uploaded completely. As a result, your application will not take part in the selection procedure. We do not inform you on missing documents.

Please check the application deadline for your desired study program first.

The application is currently not available.

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