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General Information Concerning Application

Please apply for master’s program only if you are sure that you will earn your undergraduate degree either until enrollment or during the first semester of the master’s program. In general, the regular performance must be successfully completed for each part of the study program, although, only two-thirds can be attested.

Your diploma or transcript of records must include a final grade. If this is not the case, your application will take part in the selection process, but you will be at the bottom of the ranking list. Please ask your current/former university/college to calculate a final grade. Freie Universität Berlin does not calculate final grades and does not accept applicant’s self-assessments.

Application via uni-assist

If you earned your degree in a country other than Germany, you are required to submit your application to Freie Universität Berlin via uni-assist. Uni-assist evaluate your degree and transcript whether the application meets the formal prerequisites established by Freie Universität Berlin. Uni-assist does not check subject-specific entry requirements, which is done by the selection commission of the university’s department. Uni-assist is not responsible for carrying out selection procedures.

The preliminary evaluation by uni-assist is with costs. Your application will not be processed by uni-assist unless the fee is paid to the account of uni-assist.

Please note:
In general, the processing of an application takes about four to six weeks, towards the end of the application period it takes even longer. Therefore, we recommend you to submit your application at least four weeks or more before the deadline. Otherwise, you cannot be informed about missing documents by uni-assist in time.

You can use the confirmation letter by uni-assist to apply for a study visa at the German embassy in your home country.

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