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Info-Service Studium: Information on your studies

Info-Service Studium

Info-Service Studium

Current and prospective students should contact this central information service with all their inquiries at first. If your request cannot be finally resolved by the Info-Service Studium, you will be referred to a qualified counterpart in the respective department.

Applicants and students can submit their documents at the Info-Service Studium or collect them by appointment. Furthermore, the Info-Service Studium informs about all kind of questions concerning the organization of your studies and also the electronic administrative system Campus Management.

Summary of topics of the Info-Service Studium

  • Application at Freie Universität
  • Auditing students affiliated with a different university
  • Campus Management
  • Change of Programs and Minor Subjects
  • Choice of Study
  • Doctoral Degree at Freie Universität
  • Enrollment
  • Exmatriculation
  • Guest Auditors
  • Orientation at Freie Universität
  • Re-registration
  • Semester-long leave of Absence
  • Study Exchange Programs
  • Study Programs at Freie Universität
  • Studying abroad
  • Study-Organization
  • Transferring between higher Education Institutions in higher Semesters

Where to find us:

  • counter at Student Services Center (SSC)
    Iltisstraße 4, 14195 Berlin
  • counter at Mensa (Rost- und Silberlaube)
    Otto-von-Simson-Straße 26, 14195 Berlin

How to reach us:

  • Info-Service Studium: +49 (30) 838 70000
  • CM-Hotline: +49 (30) 838 77770

Current opening hours