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Tuesday October 17, 2017

Chair: Prof. Brigitta Schütt, Freie Universität Berlin

Tom Dragheim, Freie Universität Berlin

Short walk to the Botanical Garden: Visit of the Pyrolysis Plant and UniGarden@SustainIt!

Dr. Bianca Schemel, Freie Universität Berlin

Introduction of a new Living Lab Project in the Botanical Garden regarding the production of vegetable carbon for climate friendly green space management

Dr. Will Valley, University of British Columbia

Exploring the Role and Value of Epistemic and Ontological Cognitive Development for ESD

Karola Braun-Wanke, Freie Universität Berlin

The green UniGarden as a place of garden based learning

Dr. Julia Kaazke, Freie University Berlin

The new competence area “Sustainable Development” in the general professional skills courses

Prof. David Tindall, University of British Columbia

Employing the social network paradigm in teaching about sustainability

Dr. Andrea Kölbel, Freie Universität Berlin

Shaping sustainability discourses through academic writing

Prof. Brigitta Schütt, freie Universität Berlin

Research-oriented teaching in Physical Geography

Dr. Mandy Singer-Brodowski, Freie Universität Berlin

Transformative Learning as an approach for university courses in the context of ESD?