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General Professional Skills area Sustainable Development starts this winter semester

This autumn our new competence area Sustainable Development will be introduced. Starting this winter semester 2018/19 there will be several sustainability offers in the field of General Professional Skills Courses.

News from Oct 02, 2018

In addition to a lecture series entitled "Transforming Our World: Sustainable Development as a Challenge for Science and University", there are four different modules on the topics of Managing Sustainability, Researching Sustainability, Shaping Sustainability and Communicating Sustainability, for which seven different seminars will be offered this semester.

Where is the difference between (actual or supposed) standards such as "eco", "fair" and "regional"? And how do we develop projects from the outset in such a way that they credibly represent the concept of sustainability and meet the high expectations associated with it? These and other questions will be discussed for example, in the seminar Sustainable Management.

In the module Sustainable Communication we offer three different focus seminars Environmental psychology, International cooperation and Digital playful applications. They deal with the question, of how a complex issue like sustainability can be communicated to different target audiences. Students work together in groups to create their own concept for a sustainability project at Freie Universität Berlin and implement their ideas on campus.

The seminar "The Mensa of the Future” offered in the module Shaping Sustainability presents itself as an "experimental and future laboratory" and was initiated on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Veggi Mensa 1 at Freie Universität Berlin. It guides participants to become active and implement their projects.

The module Researching sustainability seminars focus on artificial photosynthesis and rethinking mobility. The are designed over a course of two semesters. Research projects, simulations and demonstration devices for questions raised in both focus areas will be developed and can then also be presented at the Long Night of the Sciences in 2019.

All modules address the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are divided into a theoretical and a practical part and implement the criteria of the concept of Education for Sustainable Development. The new range of courses for the Bachelor's programs was developed by the Teaching Working Group of the Sustainability Steering Committee and is coordinated by the Unit for Sustainability & EnergyManagement.

All offers can be found in detail in the course catalogue here in the General Professional Skills Courses offer. Please note: All seminars will be offered in German only.

The following courses can now be booked via Campus Management:

If you have any questions, please contact us via this email address: abv@nachhaltigkeit.fu-berlin.de

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