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Schools @ University for Sustainability + Climate Protection



Last week FUB hosted students from all over Berlin for workshops, experiments, and research on sustainability making the abstract concepts of sustainability and climate protection come alive.

News from Oct 01, 2018

How do you make energy out of wind and cow dung? What does the tree trunk from the Grunewald tell us about global warming? These and other future-oriented issues on sustainable development were the subjects of the SchülerUni for Sustainability and Climate Protection.

From 24th to 28th September 2018 the Freie Universität Berlin hosted about 1924 students from 57 schools of Berlin already for the second time this year. Students of grades 5 and 6 learn how their consumer decisions can influence their environment and especially natural resources. With different researchers and experts, they discussed how to make the world fair and sustainable in the long term and developed solutions for everyday life together.

79 hands-on workshops and lectures addressed and discussed social, economic, environmental and cultural aspects of sustainable development in relation to the lives of the schoolchildren. The program is already happening for the 19th time and participation is free. This June it received its 6th price. It won in the category Excellence in Innovative Collaboration of the International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN).

This falls program can be seen here.

Pictures of the last Schools@University can be found in this photo gallery.

For more information on the program, visit their homepage.

For an overview of Schools@University, please download this poster.

Schools@University Dates 2019:

  • 25.- 29.März 2019
  • 9.- 13.September 2019
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