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Pictures and Movies

This  6 minute movie gives you an overview of Schools@University and some visual impressions of the workshops on offer.

Video clips

Water is Life 1+2: Stopmotion Movies

These movies from Schools@University in March 2016 creatively engage with the issue water.

Der Wasserkrieg - Der große Platsch - Durst - Wasser - Die Blume - Kein Wasser mehr -Wasser rettet - Virtueller Wasserverbrauch - Wir brauchen Wasser - Wasserkrieg

 Finding Nemo 2.0. - Splash - Don't Fight For Water - Keep our oceans clean - Water Usage

Be Berlin – Planning My Future City

This workshop lasts several hours and invites children to create an environmental friendly future city, using the Design Thinking method. The movie is from September 2012.


Island Gagdgets

This three-minute movie was created in a scenic workshop in September 2012. Children present their favorite gadgets that they would take to a lonely island, considering the daily use of energy.


Schools@University 2012

Here, some students of Schools@University from September 2012 give short interviews about the workshops they visited.



Pictures: Schools@University and Teachers‘ Trainings

Teachers’ Training September 2015        Schools@University September 2015

Teachers’ Training February 2015             Schools@University March 2015

Teachers’ Training August 2014              Schools@University September 2014

Teachers’ Training February 2014             Schools@University March 2014

Teachers’ Training August 2013              Schools@University September 2013 

Lehrerfortbildung Februar 2013             SchülerUni März 2013

Lerhrerfortbildung 2012                        SchülerUni 2012