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Publishing / Archiving

Freie Universität Berlin members are entitled to publish their own work and research data.

A valid FU-Account (issued by ZEDAT) is required.

Former Freie Universität members, visiting researchers and lecturers who are not listed in the current course catalog are asked to turn to Redaktion Dokumentenserver.

What are the advantages of placing a publication on Refubium?

  • Publication is fast and free of cost (digital agreement).
  • Publications and research data are accessible worldwide on the Internet.
  • Publications are listed in the self-listing system ("System zur Selbsterfassung von Publikationen" – SEP) oder in the University Bibliography.
  • All records are searchable in various regional and supraregional catalogs, search engines and bibliographic systems (such as Google Scholar, BASE, etc.).
  • Quality control conforming to technical and library norms (formats, standards, indexing).
  • Guaranteed accessibility, data protection and long-term digital perservation (minimum five years).
  • Citability of all documents.
  • Authors maintain the right to second publication on other platforms or repositories.
  • Allocation of persistent identifiers (DOI, URN, Online ISBN, ISSN).

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If you require any further information, please contact edocs@ub.fu-berlin.de