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Publishing research data

Refubium is open to Freie Universität Berlin members to publish their research data.

We will gladly accept your research data for publication. However, if there is an established disciplinary repository available for your area of research, we advise you to publish your data there. In that case, we would very much appreciate your informing us of your publication on the disciplinary repository. We will then reproduce the metadata on Refubium and link to your data from there. You can find a directory of disciplinary repositories at re3data. The University Library staff will gladly assist you with selecting a suitable repository.

All published research data will be archived for at least ten years.

Questions concerning research-data management

E-mail: forschungsdaten@fu-berlin.de

Questions concerning publication of research data on Refubium

E-mail: kontakt@refubium.fu-berlin.de

We will gladly assist you.