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Refubium, the Freie Universität Institutional Repository

As the Freie Universität Berlin institutional repository, Refubium provides Freie Universität members with a free-of-cost framework to electronically publish documents, doctoral and habiltation theses, as well as research data.

Theses and documents written by Charité members are also accepted.

Refubium is openly accessible on the Internet. All metadata can be searched without any restriction.

In order to publish, Freie Universität members log in with their FU-Account. Charité members, please use the registration form. You will find more details on how to access the platform on the following page: Refubium A to Z.

Should you consider publishing your work on Refubium, please contact the team at the University Library early on for consultation. In particular, with respect to research data, we recommend you start communicating with us even while you are still in the application and research phases of your project.

Redaktion Dokumentenserver

Freie Universität Berlin University Library
Garystr. 39 
D-14195 Berlin

Questions concerning the publication of your research data
E-mail: kontakt@refubium.fu-berlin.de

Questions concerning the submission of your publications
E-mail: edocs@ub.fu-berlin.de

Questions concerning the submission of your online theses
E-mail: dissonline@ub.fu-berlin.de

Questions concerning the submission of Charité theses
E-Mail: dissertationsserver@charite.de

Questions concerning the submission of Charité members' documents
E-Mail: openaccess@charite.de