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Jobs, Careers, and Staff Development

Nov 12, 2021

We are happy to introduce our new hashtag #URCareer@FUBerlin to our repertoire on Facebook and the website. #URCareer@FUBerlin aims to keep you updated with the open positions at the Freie Universität.

Qualification and motivation are the keys to the strong performance and success of Freie Universität, which is one of Germany’s largest universities, with about 31,500 students and 4,400 doctoral candidates.

More than 490 professors engage in research and teaching activities at the university. In addition, nearly 4,500 employees work at Freie Universität, about half of them as research assistants and associates.

There are also about 100 apprentices and trainees. Freie Universität provides vocational training in 12 different tracks, including administration, media and information services, animal care, gardening, event management, and lab settings.

Job satisfaction and the well-being of employees are critically important to Freie Universität. With that in mind, personnel development, continuing and professional education, efforts to promote health, and compatibility between family and working life are top priorities. A wide range of options tailored to specific groups of employees are available to staff members in these fields, from tailored personnel development activities and continuing education to efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle – some of them right in the workplace – through varied exercise and sports classes and all the way to emergency childcare for children of employees and students.

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