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Vocational Training

Freie Universität Berlin is not only the site of education for over 30,000 students across 11 departments, but also offers a wide array of possibilities for those just starting out in a particular occupation, such as vocational training, opportunities for cooperative academic education and vocational training, and traineeships in administration.

Freie Universität Berlin currently has over 120 apprentices and trainees of its own in programs in 12 professions. There are also about 100 apprentices and trainees from other scientific and research institutions who are associated with the university through cooperation and alliance agreements. These apprentices and trainees are educated in the dual system, which means they go back and forth between the business or institution where they are being trained and a vocational school. Training is provided on a demand-driven basis to cultivate next-generation talent in the area of non-academic staff.

Freie Universität Berlin also offers internships as part of school instruction and voluntary internships for professional orientation purposes or to acquire professional experience. In 2016, the opportunities available for internships for professional orientation were also opened up to refugees. To that end, cooperation agreements have been signed with various institutions that offer integration and German language classes for young refugees, some of them unaccompanied, who wish to start on vocational training.

There are also dual academic and vocational programs in electrical engineering and computer science in cooperation with the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

This is supplemented by a trainee program for the area of administration, in which the trainees hired as employees rotate through four different areas over a period of two years, getting to know the university and its work processes as they do so.

For further information, please visit: www.fu-berlin.de/sites/ausbildung