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A Family-friendly University

Freie Universität Berlin has been certified by audit familiengerechte hochschule since June 2007 and in addition, the university co-founded the nonprofit association Familie in der Hochschule e.V. in March 2018. By designing the university and its personnel policies to be family-friendly, Freie Universität helps its members to better balance working, studies, and pursuing scientific and academic qualifications with family responsibilities.

Students and employees alike can contact the Dual Career & Family Service for confidential advice by phone or e-mail or in person on all questions relating to balancing studies, work, and family life.

The Dual Career Service is a tool to boost the appeal of Freie Universität and an important equality-related element to support the life partners of newly appointed professors as they start their careers in Berlin. Through individualized support options geared toward specific needs, the Dual Career Service offers comprehensive advice on potential positions on the Berlin labor market and childcare options. The service also leverages contacts and cooperative initiatives with regional research institutions, the Berlin Senate administrations, and partners in the business sector to provide targeted support to life partners as they embark on a chosen career or look for a job.