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Interviews with Brazilian students and young scientists in Berlin

In October 2010, the liaison office of the Freie Universität Berlin in São Paulo was inaugurated. The goal is to strengthen scientific cooperation between Freie Universität Berlin and the universities and research centers in Brazil and South America.

Students, Ph.D. students and scientists who have gone to Berlin for a short or long time will tell here about their motivation, expectations, favorite German words as well as beautiful and difficult moments in the city.

Students at Freie Universität Berlin

  • Giovanna, 28, historian and participant in the program FU-BEST (Freie Universität Berlin European Studies Program)
  • Ricardo J. Gonçalves, exchange student at the Latin American Institute
  • Rafael Cavalcanti Lembi, exchange student in German language course B1 as part of FUBiS in January 2015

Doctoral students at Freie Universität Berlin

  • Cecilia, 29, Department for Biology
  • Eduardo, 34, Latin American History at the Institute for Latin American Studies
  • Marcos, 28, medical anthropology
  • Nelson, 33, Department of Romance Philology
  • Angela Lima, history at the Latin America Institute

Young scientists at Freie Universität Berlin

  • Nina Graeff, Postdoctoral Fellow in the DRS Postdoctoral Fellowship Program HONORS
  • Thiago Lima Nicodemo, Research Fellow in the Capes-Humboldt program of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Interns at the Liaison Office of Freie Universität Berlin in São Paulo

  • Christina, 29, intern in 2016, master studies in educational science (organisation and consulting) at Technische Universität Berlin
  • Bega, 26, internship in 2017, master degree in Latin American Studies at the Institute for Latin American Studies of Freie Universität Berlin

Students at Technische Universität Berlin

  • Alexandre, 26, master studies in Global Production Engineering
  • Marcelo, 23, master studies in Computer Science within a double degree exchange program

Doctoral students at Technische Universität Berlin

  • Victor, 24, field of aeronautic turbines (mechanical engineering)

Here you can find interviews in Portuguese with Brazilians who studied, researched or taught at the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Freie Universität Berlin between 2003 and 2012.