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Alexandre, 26, is doing his master studies in Global Production Engineering at the TU Berlin.


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How did the idea to study in Germany come to your mind?

I always felt like living abroad and I was disenchanted with the direction of my career. I decided to get back to studying and chose Germany being one of – or even perhaps the biggest pole for engineering and technology.

How did you get the idea to study at FU/TU Berlin?

Through online research. The TU offered this international course in English. Besides my high interest in this field of study, the fact that it is in English made it possible to make a rapid decision and come here, since I didn’t speak any German before coming here.

What are your expectations for the future after graduating from FU/TU Berlin?

To be honest I plan to go back to Brazil to find a job in business supervision or management to apply the concepts I’ve learned here.

Which problems or difficulties did you have to face and how did you manage them?

Language – studying and learning the basics to survive.

Culture – change the mindset and adapt

Cold and lack of natural light – coats! Regarding the lack of natural light, until today it’s difficult to get used to it.

Interpersonal relations – the way of making friends and connecting to each other is very different. I learned to be more alone and to appreciate that.

What do you like most about the life in Germany?

The organization and vision of everyday life as a course of processes. The idea is to try to be as productive as possible.

What tip would you give Brazilians who are interested in studying in Germany?

Prepare yourself for the cultural and climatic changes. And come with an open mind, absorb every insight given by the life here. It’s worth it.

Which is your favorite word in German?

Natürlich (naturally/of course/sure/obviously). I don’t know why, it sounds extremely good to me.

Interviewed by Christina Vierdt in 2016