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G: Gastprofessur (Visiting Professors) to Großgeräte (Large Euquipment)

Gasteinladung / Gastwissenschaftler (Guest Invitations and Passes / Visiting Scientists and Scholars)

Requests for guest passes/invitations for visiting scientists and scholars must be submitted to the relevant department administration.

For visiting scientists/scholars who are supposed to receive an expense allowance funded by external funding resources, please refer to the information provided by the External Funding Administration office, available here.

See: Gastprofessur (Visiting Professors)

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Gastprofessur (Visiting Professors)

The procedure for employing visiting professors is described in FU-Newsletter 11/2009.

With regard to the use of external funding for visiting professors, please refer to the procedures for visiting scholars/scientists that are specified by the External Funding Administration office and available via the following link.

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Geschenke  (Gifts)

Within the scope of the employment relationship, no gifts or favors of any kind or size may be accepted. In addition, the rules and regulations specified in FU-Newsletter V01/2001 must be complied with.

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Gutschriften (Credit Entries)

A credit entry can only be offset against a subsequent order debited to the same account allocation. Otherwise, the credit has to be posted as a refund.

See: Kontierung (Account Allocation)

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Großgeräte (Large Equipment and Major Instrumentation)

Large equipment and “major Instrumentation” refer to large-scale research equipment and instruments requiring a gross investment amount of more than 200,000 euros (including VAT/sales tax).

An interstate agreement of the German federal states stipulates that proposals for this type of equipment have to be submitted individually to the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG/German Research Foundation).

Proposal forms and further information are available on the DFG website. The completed forms should be submitted to the IIA1 team via the relevant department administration.

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