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The digitalisation of the Erasmus+ programme is one of the strategic issues for the future of European higher education cooperation.

The EU Commission has therefore launched an ambitious campaign to digitise the Erasmus programme.
At its heart is the  European Student Card Initiative (ESCI), which brings together various components for the digitalisation of international mobility.

Already since the availability of the digital platform Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) 2020, Freie Universität has been using the platform to create Erasmus+ Inter-Institutional Agreements (IIA).
Since the Erasmus+ cohort of the year 21/22, we have been using the Online Learning Agreement for all Eramus+ Europe SMS outgoings and incoming students wherever possible

Outgoings: Online Learning Agreement (OLA) 
Incomings: Online Learning Agreement (OLA)

In order to do so weh have developed comprehensive processes for internal implementation together with the departments of Freie Universität Berlin.

The introduction of further digital components in EWP for Erasmus programme management is planned for 2023: "Transcripts of Records", "Application" and "Nomination".
As soon as these components are functionally offered by EWP, we as the central Erasmus+ team of Freie Universität Berlin will work in close cooperation with our database provider QS Unisolution on the integration of the components into the digital programme management.

An overview of the planned measures and the current status of implementation is provided by the DAAD's National Agency for Erasmus+ University Cooperation here.