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Guide departmental Erasmus coordination: Incoming



Before the stay


Nomination deadlines: May 1 / November 1.

Nominations are managed by Kathleen Plotka. If you receive nominations, please forward them to incoming@fu-berlin.de as soon as possible.

General tasks of the decentralized Erasmus+ coordinators:

During your stay

During the stay, any changes to the Learning Agreements must be reviewed and signed. Coordinator:s act as subject liaisons for students in the department/institute during the semester.


After the stay

At the end of the exchange at FU, incoming students need a Confirmation of Stay/Attendance/Departure and a Transcript of Records.

  • Confirmation of Stay/Attendance/Departure: The Confirmations are issued and signed exclusively by the Erasmus+ Office (incoming@fu-berlin.de). Please forward the corresponding e-mails to us, thank you.
  • Transcript of Records: An official document of the FU listing all courses + grades achieved + ECTS of the student. This is requested by students in person at the end of their stay.
  • Transcripts are usually issued directly by the FB Coordinators, although there are separate arrangements with each department. Students will contact the coordinator and apply for the transcript with a form and, if necessary, submit all certificates. In case of any uncertainties,please contact Franziska Sattler-Morrison (incoming@fu-berlin.de). Students will be informed about the Transcript of Records procedure one month before the exam period.