Freie Universität Berlin - the International Network University

Freie Universität Berlin is one of Europe’s leading research universities with a global aspiration. To the same extent that internationality has constituted an important element in the university’s research and teaching, it has shaped the everyday lives of all university members and formed part of the university’s remarkable history since its founding in 1948.

People from more than 100 countries study and work at Freie Universität Berlin, global perspectives enrich the curriculum and research, students and scientists learn, teach and research all over the world. Freie Universität offers its researchers, students and staff an environment that – in its internationality and diversity – guarantees opportunities for sustainable development and success.

Freie Universität Berlin’s excellent international network consists of seven liaison offices in Beijing, New York, São Paulo, Brussels, Moscow, New Delhi and Cairo and six strategic partnerships with some of the most renowned universities worldwide as well as more than 100 other international partnerships.

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...eleven countries and six continents. Students from Freie Universität are sharing their experiences abroad.

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