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Opening Up Opportunities – The Patent and Licensing Service at Freie Universität Berlin

iStock.com/Vladimir Borovic

iStock.com/Vladimir Borovic

PULS is the first port of call for any member of Freie Universität Berlin who has questions concerning the legal protection of research results of any kind, the practical steps involved in granting use to third parties, and their commercial exploitation.

PULS thus aims to ensure the freedom of scientific research at Freie Universität Berlin, safeguard Freie Universität Berlin’s legal claims to research results, and contribute to the transfer of research results for the benefit of society.

Our Services

1. Individual consultations for researchers at Freie Universität Berlin regarding the protection and exploitation of research results

2. Support in complying with legal regulations pursuant to Section 5 of the German Employee Inventions Act (Gesetz über Arbeitnehmererfindungen – ArbnErfG) when disclosing a “job-related invention” (service invention)

3. Evaluating service inventions in terms of claims on the part of Freie Universität Berlin or the release of service inventions and patents to the inventor(s)

4. Developing a suitable intellectual property strategy and commissioning an appropriate patent attorney’s office (typically all patent fees are assumed by PULS)

5. Coordinating the registration of intellectual property rights as well as the patent examination and publication processes in close collaboration with the inventor(s) and potential partner(s)

6. Drafting, negotiating, and concluding exploitation contracts (especially license and purchase agreements) and monitoring the implementation thereof

7. Collecting revenue generated from patent exploitation and distributing remuneration to the inventor(s) and their scientific working group