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Invention Consultation: From Invention Disclosure to the Patent

Patent and License Service advises inventors of Freie Universität Berlin and, in conjunction with external providers, is responsible for the commercial exploitation of inventions. A precondition for an invention consultation is the “disclosure” of an invention. The form for the invention disclosure can be found here as a Word document or PDF - both in German and English. Explanatory notes on the form can be found here.


The range offered by Patent and License Service

  • Personal advice for inventors of Freie Universität Berlin on matters of protection and the exploitation of inventions
  • General information on industrial property rights
  • Support in preparing invention disclosure
  • Assessment of inventions in respect of patentability and prospects for exploitation
  • Preparing appropriate patenting and exploitation strategies
  • Applications for property rights (in cooperation with patent attorneys)
  • Licensing and sale of patents
  • Design and negotiation of license agreements
  • Monitoring of license agreements and transfer of inventor remuneration to inventors  

Process – From Invention Disclosure to the Patent:

  1. Advice on a potential invention and where appropriate recommendation on submitting invention disclosure.
  2. Receipt of invention disclosure
  3. The invention disclosure is checked for completeness. In the event of completeness it is officially accepted and given a reference number.
  4. The invention is subsequently reviewed for innovation, inventive level, and commercial exploitation potential. The university shall decide, within a statutory deadline of at most four months, on whether the invention is claimed or released to the inventor.
    Note: should you intend to publish within the four-month deadline, please advise us hereof as soon as possible, in order that the patenting process can be accelerated where appropriate.
  5. A patent application is filed after utilization of the invention (usually by a patent attorney). The university shall be liable for the costs of the application.
  6. Start of commercial exploitation efforts. This includes the holding of a joint discussion with the inventor about steps which may increase the probability of exploitation.
  7. Where appropriate conclusion of a license agreement for or sale of a patent and payout of the inventor remuneration (30% of gross exploitation income).

Further Important Information:

Pre-printed and Other Forms:

  • Invention disclosure form (file download: docx and pdf)


Andrea Hübner
Phone: (030) 838-73616
E-Mail: andrea.huebner@fu-berlin.de