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Research Databases at Freie Universität

Research information from Freie Universität Berlin

The research database of Freie Universität Berlin encompasses several sub-applications:

1. Externally funded project database containing active and concluded research projects supported through external funding.

2. Contract database: for administrative management of university contracts.

The research database is an SAP application that is also available on the Internet. The database has various goals, including to provide information for various internal and external reports as well as for decision makers at the university, to document the university’s research performance and also interdisciplinary areas of focus and guidelines for research in a transparent manner for the general public, and to handle working processes within the field of management of externally funded projects in an efficient way. To this end, the database functions as a reporting and data collection system that is both oriented toward content and qualitative factors and geared toward finance and controlling/quantitative measures, with data being categorized and organized in many different ways and maintained and researched according to standardized practices and procedures wherever possible.