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Externally Funded Project Database in SAP

The database of externally funded projects lists more than 12,000 past and active research projects at Freie Universität that are or were financed using external funding, grouped according to formal and content-related criteria.

For individual queries and the university’s reporting activities, externally funded research projects involving all the institutions and researchers of Freie Universität Berlin can be searched according to quantitative and qualitative criteria. This includes searching for research titles and topics via a systematic keyword directory and abstracts, project types, collaborative research, including German and international cooperation partners, and various types of cooperation partners. These content-related criteria provide not only an overview of externally funded projects, but also an interdisciplinary picture of research relationships within collaborative research at the national and international levels and of areas of emphasis and topics of research.

In 2005 the externally funded project database was launched as an SAP application in its own right. It references information in the SAP modules HCM, FI/CO/PSM, Organizational Management, Text Management, Status Management, and Business Partner Management. This means it is integrated into the SAP system landscape at Freie Universität Berlin, a feature that makes the database the only one of its kind in Germany to take this form. It also serves to manage externally funded projects on an integrative basis and leads to optimization effects such as reduction of data redundancies and business process redundancies in the university’s internal administration of the projects.