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Externally funded project database on the internet

Externally funded research projects and activities are presented on the Internet at https://research.zuv.fu-berlin.de/. Searchable items of information include research projects, projects targeted to promote junior researchers, such as research training groups and junior research groups, along with conferences, travel, prizes, awards, and distinctions, and research contracts. The information includes data on the establishment of the project, project management, project duration, project type and title, sources of funding and information on collaborative research. A topic-related, hierarchically structured disciplinary system based on keywords enables interdisciplinary searches for content-related criteria and research areas. Abstracts provide a brief depiction of the content of the research projects and their aims. Financial data include the sources of external funding as well as groups of these sources, such as funders with federal or state funds.

This means that this website presents a publicly accessible overview of not only externally funded projects to promote research and support junior researchers, but also research relationships within regional, national, and international collaborative research as well as priorities and topics in research activities, on both a subject-specific basis and an interdisciplinary one.

Research projects of Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin are not listed in this database. Information on these projects can be searched via the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin research database.