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Goals of the research database

  • Formal and content-related indexing and handling of externally funded projects and scientific and academic profiles of the scholars, scientists, and researchers at Freie Universität Berlin by capturing finely differentiated formal and content-related categories of data (e.g., bilingual keyword directory systematically organized according to discipline, abstracts, classification of projects [e.g., research, conferences, programs to support junior scholars and scientists], type of collaborative research [e.g., DFG programs] and cooperation partner [e.g., Max Planck institutions, universities]).

    This means:
  • Overview of all current research projects at Freie Universität with content-related differentiation of the individual research alliances, such as DFG programs, research units and junior research groups, awards and prizes, BMBF alliance projects, EU projects, etc., and presentation of German and international research relationships
  • Within the research alliances, presentation of cooperation partners of Freie Universität Berlin and various types of cooperation partners (e.g., universities, Max Planck institutions, etc.)
  • Overview of research priorities and guidelines at Freie Universität Berlin, including on an interdisciplinary and cross-institution basis
  • Process optimization in the internal administration of research projects
  • Replacement of former heterogeneous, isolated IT solutions by integrating the research database into the SAP landscape of Freie Universität Berlin
  • Standardized reference use of individual SAP modules for all research database sub-applications, eliminating duplicate data maintenance in different working areas
  • Preventing data redundancy and improving timeliness of data
  • Secure multiple accesses through specific authorization concepts and differentiated collective roles for different user groups: user management in the identity management system (IDM), specific read and write rights, selection and display of stipulated data content that can be delineated per user group (thereby guaranteeing data protection and privacy)
  • Research offerings for Freie Universität Berlin and external institutions from a qualitative and quantitative standpoint as well as generation of data for the various report formats (e.g., research report) of Freie Universität Berlin
  • Public presentation of the research profile of Freie Universität Berlin