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WiSe 16/17: Institut für Englische Philologie (WE 6)

English Studies: Literature - Language - Culture

    • Interfacing Linguistics and Literature 0253aA1.1
    • Literary and Cultural Theories 0253aA1.2
    • Constructing Difference: Literary and Cultural Histories 0253aA1.3
    • Literature and Media 0253aA1.4
    • Negotiating Gender: Constructions, Representations, Theories 0253aA1.5
    • Medieval English Literatures 0253aA1.6
    • Postcolonial Literatures and Varieties of English 0253aA1.7
    • Studying the Present Moment 0253aA1.8
    • Academic Writing 0253aA2.1
    • Literary Translation 0253aA2.2
    • Communication Skills 0253aA2.3
    • Contemporary Britain: Language and Identitiy 0253aA2.4
    • Forschungskolloquium 0253aE2.1
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