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At present, CAS hosts postdoctoral fellows from two pilot programs at FU. By participating in these programs, CAS supports FU's overall strategy of promoting young scholars.

If you would like to learn more about individual CAS Postdocs, please klick on their names on the left hand side. New Postdocs are going to start from February 2012 and will then be presented on this site, too.

To learn more about the two postdoc programs at CAS, please read on about the CAS Pilot Project for Postdocs and to DRS Postdoc International (POINT).



CAS Pilot Project for Postdocs

In 2011, CAS has launched a pilot project to promote outstanding postdoctoral researchers in area studies from all over the world.The project aims at supporting about 10 early career researchers in the period between completing their dissertations and developing a grant proposal for their individual postdoctoral project to be affilated at FU.

The CAS pilot project consists of three funding lines:

1. Short-term grants for postdoctoral research projects

These grants (6-9 months) are addressed to postdoctoral researchers who have completed their dissertations in area studies within the last 12 to 14 months and who propose an innovative project either in a traditional area studies discipline or in the social sciences with implications for area studies. In the 6 to 9 months fellowship, postdoctoral researchers are expected to develop a grant proposal for submission to an external funding agency for an FU-affiliated research project.

2. Short-term grants for postdoctoral research projects on pivotal themes

These grants (6-9 months) will enable postdoctoral researchers from area studies and the social sciences to develop grant proposals addressing pivotal themes in area studies. In addition to developing their own projects, grantees will be able to discuss their research ideas in the course of thematic workshops with internationally renowned scholars. In this program, the Center for Area Studies invites applications relevant to the following themes: "Migration, Exile and Diaspora", "Business, Culture and Society" or "The Politics of Public Religions".

3. Short-term grants für Postdocs who have submitted an external funding application

These grants (3-6 month) aim at postdocs who have already submitted a grant application at some external funding agency that is affiliated to FU, are waiting for the decision and do not hold any other position to earn their living. These Postdocs are supposed to continue the work on their project during the time of waiting.


Postdocs who have been successful in the previous two calls will start from February 2012 onwards.


DRS Postdoc International (POINT)

The Center for Area Studies has gained two out of five fellowships in the program "Postdoc International" (POINT) by the Dahlem Research School (DRS) at Freie Universität. The purpose of POINT is to reinforce the international dimension of junior researchers by supporting highly-qualified postdocs from abroad who are scientifically outstanding in their research field.

Each research fellowship is awarded for twelve-months to support postdocs conducting a predefined research project in one of Freie Universität’s Research Focus Areas. Aiming at submitting a successful grant application for a subsequent project at the Freie Universität by end of the fellowship, the prrogram will also provide professional guidance essential to preparing grant proposals.

The program is designed to support the further career development of the researchers by enhancing their research experience embedded in excellent research groups, by facilitating new co-operations in a stimulating research environment, as well as by promoting their teaching and leadership skills.

The main objective of the program is to enhance academic diversity and excellence and promote international cooperation at Freie Universität Berlin. Moreover, Freie Universität aims at fostering trans-national academic exchange, increasing trans-national mobility, promoting further education, and in the long-term enhancing scientific networking and international research collaboration among Freie Universität and the researchers’ home institutions.