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Eastern Europe in Berlin

Studierende und Nachwuchswissenschaftler, die sich auf die Region spezialisieren möchten, profitieren von den umfassenden Netzwerken des Osteuropa-Instituts.

Research and teaching at the institute focus on contemporary issues, especially those related to the processes of transformation in Eastern Europe.
Image Credit: Martin Stein

The Institute for East European Studies focuses on the diverse processes of change in the eastern part of the continent. This heterogeneous, conflict-ridden region plays an important role, particularly in light of the enlargement of the European Union.

News from Apr 02, 2014

Teaching at the Institute for East European Studies centers around the multidisciplinary Master’s Degree Program in East European Studies. In addition to the regular classes, each year there is also a special interdisciplinary project course for first-year students, which aims to give students an opportunity to develop their own ideas within a given framework and to implement them in the course of the academic year.

The master’s degree program East European Studies Online (EES Online) is intended as further training for young working professionals who are seeking a career in an international context. The program consists of separate modules conveying specialized knowledge about Eastern Europe from the perspective of various disciplines – politics, sociology, business and economics, law, and history.

The Institute for East European Studies was founded at Freie Universität in 1951. Research at this regional studies institute takes into account the historical, cultural, political, and economic background as well as current developments. Further emphasis is placed on cultural issues and the investigation of ethno-national conflicts in Eastern Europe.

Current research results are published in the Working Papers of the Eastern European-Institute. The library contains approximately 360,000 volumes, providing a comprehensive basis for research.

Berlin as a location has a great deal to offer in the way of facilities and initiatives related to the region of Eastern Europe. The institute has many cooperation partners in Berlin-Brandenburg as well as in the various countries of Eastern Europe. Graduate students and junior researchers who wish to specialize in the region can greatly benefit from the comprehensive networks.