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Sustainably Abroad

International travel contributes a large share to CO2 emissions. It is therefore worthwhile to think about how you can make your stay abroad sustainable when preparing for your trip, but also during your stay.

The DAAD's Studieren weltweit campaign (in German) has published a dossier on this subject with many helpful tips.

Many funding bodies provide financial support for the choice of sustainable means of transport. Researching funding opportunities is therefore worthwhile in any case! The Erasmus program, for example, grants the Erasmus+ Green Travel (in German) allowance and additional funding days for environmentally friendly travel.

What you can do:

  • Travel climate-friendly in Europe
    Particularly for travel in Europe, more climate-friendly means of transport such as trains or long-distance buses are an option. Why not arrange your arrival and departure as an Interrail trip?
  • No alternative to air travel?
    Especially during take-offs and landings a lot of emissions and pollutants are emitted. Direct flights are therefore more climate-friendly.
  • A sustainable lifestyle in the host country contributes to a resource-saving and climate-friendly everyday life:
    • Shop regionally and seasonally.
    • Use public transport or bicycles.
    • Use sharing options in the mobility sector.
    • Second-hand kitchen and apartment equipment instead of new purchases:
      Perhaps the International Office or the Erasmus Student Network provide a starter kit for kitchen equipment.
      Especially in big cities, there are many second-hand options that are easier on the climate and on the wallet.

Further tips

Information and tips on how to organize a low-emission, resource-saving and climate-friendly trip abroad can also be found on the Green Erasmus portal.

On the website of the National Agency for Erasmus+ at the DAAD (NA DAAD) you can find practical examples of Erasmus+ Green.

Sustainable Travel Tool of the Una Europa University Alliance

The Sustainable Travel Tool of the European University Alliance Una Europa determines the most sustainable means of transport between the locations of the member universities.

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