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During semesters on leave of absence, you cannot receive regular BAföG (student grants for studying in Germany). An application for Auslands-BAföG can be made.

For the BAföG funding period, semesters abroad and semesters on leave (with or without Auslands-BAföG abroad) are not counted, unless the stay abroad is required by the study regulations and is therefore a subject semester. The funding period of regular BAföG for studies in Germany refers only to subject semesters.

In the case of funding via Auslands- and Inlands-BAföG, a funding gap could arise between the end of the semester abroad and the start of the semester in Germany. Up to two months before the start of the domestic semester can be financed via Inlands-BAföG if there are up to four months between the semester abroad and the domestic semester without studying. The funding always starts at the earliest from the month of application. It is therefore important to apply for Inlands-BAföG informally as early as possible.


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