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Seoul National University

Location: Seoul, Korea

Semester spots: 2 (English) and 4 (Korean)

Open for: Bachelor and Master

Language Requirements: TOEFL: 88; IELTS: 6.0; Seoul National University does not require a certificate like TOEFL or IELTS, yet an equivalent to these scores should be met. We strongly recommend counseling with us before. You may prove your level of language proficiency through a FU language certificate.

Duration: September - December OR March - June

Program: English-Speaking

Basic knowledge of the Korean language is desired but not required.
The range of subjects includes the subjects from the scope of Arts and Sciences (with the exception of Business).

Program: Korean-Speaking

Applicants for this program must have Korean language skills.

Additinoal Costs

Health insurance

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2021/22 (1)

2021/22 (2)

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