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National Taiwan Normal University

Location: Taipeh, Taiwan

Semester spots: 2 (English) and 2 (Chinese)

Open for: Bachelor and Master

Language Requirements

TOEFL iBT 80 or IELTS 6.5 (suggested requirement) OR FU language test: equivalent to TOEFL 80
Other Language Requirements (for specific departments)

Department of History: TOCFL Level 4 or New HSK 6

Department of Chinese as a Second Language:   

    • Undergraduate: Certificate of taken 180-hours of Chinese courses
    • Graduate: TOCFL Level 4 or New HSK 6

Department of East Asian Studies:

Non-Chinese-speaking Students

    • Undergraduate: TOCFL Level 3 or HSK Level 5
    • Master Program: TOCFL Level 4 or HSK Level 6
    • Doctoral Program: TOCFL Level 5 or HSK Level 6

Chinese-speaking Students
(1) TOFLE iBT 71 or
(2) IELT 5.5 or
(3) TOEIC 750 or
(4) College English Test (全國大學英語考試) : CET 4 or
(5) Public English Test System (全國英語等級考試) : PETS 3

Duration: August - January OR late Februar - late June

Program: English-speaking Asia

An application for the Department of Chinese und Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages, and Literature requires proof of Chinese language proficiency: Level 4 of TOCFL (or New HSK 4) or an official language certificate documenting at least two years of Chinese language courses.

Students can apply to all departments (http://en.ntnu.edu.tw/academics.php). All students must attend at least one class of the International Culture Program. A large choice of courses in English is offered by the College of Management. Students can additionally take Chinese language courses for up to 6 hours/week.

Program: China & Taiwan

Courses are offered in subjects from the scope of the Arts and Sciences. Language proficiency in Chinese is required.

Students with Chinese citizenship can only get a tuition waiver and no further scholarships.

Additional Scholarships

-- none --

Experience Reports:




2021/22 (1)

2021/22 (2)

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