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Further Programmes

Teaching Exchange Services

Students studying foreign languages, education and teaching trainees can gain practical experiences as a foreign language teaching assistant at a foreign educational institution for one school year (8-10 months) with the help of an FU exchange service. In some cases, students of other subjects with very good skills of the respective national language can also apply.

Internship abroad:

An internship abroad helps you improve your foreign language skills, gives insights into the working methods of foreign organizations and deepens your knowledge in the respective area. If you are interested in an internship abroad, contact the Career Service for useful information on preparing, planing and applying for the job.

An overview of various internship funding options can be found here.

The larrgest funding programs within the FU Berlin can be accessed here.

PROMOS Internship:http://www.fu-berlin.de/studium/international/studium_ausland/promos/Praktika.html

ASA Program:

The ASA program offers scholarships for study visits to Africa, Asia, Latin America and Southeastern Europe.


AIESEC is an international platform for training the leaders of tomorrow.


IAESTE is a worldwide internship organizations for students studying science, engineering, agriculture and forestry.

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