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Deciding what to study

Freie Universität Berlin offers school students many possibilities to gather information about the different fields of study available. Various events and fairs open to the public — many of them arranged specifically for school students of all ages — provide information on what courses of study are offered at Freie Univerisität: Meet Freie Universität Berlin.

Prospective students thinking about which subject to choose could profit by reading an introduction to Undergraduate (Bachelor) Programs at Freie Universität Berlin. This introduction provides information about the requirements for bachelor degrees and which subjects can be chosen. It also explains the difference between core subjects and course modules.

In addition, for those already having completed a bachelor degree, Freie Universität Berlin offers a variety of Master's Programs and other Postgraduate Study Programs, as well as a few Master's Programs in English.

There is special information for graduates of foreign schools interested in studying at Freie Universität available bilingually (English and German) under International Students and Application Procedure for Graduates of non-German Schools.

Prospective students can prepare for their studies with the online program: Helping Students Succeed offered by the Center for Academic Advising and Psychological Counseling.

Queries regarding specific fields of study or which major to select should be directed to the Academic Advisory Service.

Information about study programs of all German universities can be found in the Hochschulkompass prepared by the German Rectors' Conference.


Starting your study program