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Master's Programs at Freie Universität

Freie Universität offers master’s programs in a wide variety of subjects.

These programs represent an in-depth academic supplement to the bachelor’s degree. While the master’s degree is a good start for any professional career, it can also be a step towards pursuing an academic career, because Ph.D. programs generally require master’s degrees.

At Freie Universität, we distinguish between two kinds of master’s programs:

  • A consecutive master’s program builds on a previously completed bachelor’s program in the same field. Thus in a sense it is a continuation of the bachelor’s program, allowing students to deepen and broaden the knowledge and skills previously acquired. A few programs require a completed bachelor's degree in any field of previous studies.
  • A continuing education master’s program requires—in addition to a first degree—practical work experience. Thematically, the program is linked to expertise from students’ professional experience, thus supplementing it.

Master’s programs take between two and six semesters. Depending on the subject, graduates earn either a Master of Arts (M.A.) or a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree.


Consecutive master’s programs do not charge fees apart from the general semester fees and dues.

Professional master’s programs do charge tuition fees, which vary from program to program as well as double-degree master’s programs.

Admission Requirements

Generally, a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent university degree is required for admission to a master’s program. In addition, depending on the subject, proof of a minimum number of credit points in certain areas must be provided. How far the credits earned in a bachelor’s program correspond to the admission requirements of a master’s program, is decided by the individual departments. Professional master’s degrees often require work experience.

Language Requirements

For the majority of master’s programs, good or very good proficiency in German is required. Some programs also require certain English language skills or skills in another foreign language. Proof of these skills must be provided with the application. Students whose first language is not German and who earned their first degree from a university (or equivalent institution) where the language of tuiton is not German, are invited by Freie Universität’s language center to take the DSH examination (German language exam for admission to a university). Applicants applying for a master’s program that does not require knowledge of German are exempt from this requirement.

All master's programs are listed in the web.

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