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Goals & Timeline

Over the next few months, we will work together with fellow university members from around campus to determine what to include in our mission statement for teaching and learning and our educational strategy for the university. Due to the measures taken across Germany to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, our timeline will now stretch into the second half of 2021.

We want the mission statement to become an integral part of daily life at Freie Universität and shape the future of teaching and education here for the decades to come. All university members are invited to contribute to this participatory process. We also plan to involve representatives from both central and decentralized institutions and departments whose input is essential to preparing the mission statement for approval in various committees. The Vice President for Teaching, Learning and Academic Development is coordinating this effort.


2020 summer semester

 2020/2021 winter semester

2021 summer semester

  • May 2021: Feedback campaign on the mission statement for teaching and learning
  • May to June 2021: Wrap-up Phase II will introduce and talk about the results of the focus groups’ discussions on the educational strategy (based on input and collaboration in our wiki)
  • June 10, 2021: University-wide Wrap-up Event II (mission statement for teaching and learning and discussion of the educational strategy)
  • July 2021: The Teaching Committee (KfL) and Academic Senate (AS) will discuss the final draft of the mission statement for teaching and learning and, if approved, pass a resolution for its adoption