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Guest researchers

This support is aimed exclusively at international visiting scholars (professors, postdocs) at Freie Universität who already hold a doctorate. For all other housing seekers (e.g. PhD students, Bachelor/Master students, interns, locals, guests from other universities or institutes) we provide lists of further housing offerors (see below).

Simply fill out this tenant questionnaire and send it to: accommodation-service@fu-berlin.de

You will receive rental offers by e-mail, if available.

* However, due to the very limited contingent of accommodation, suitable accommodation can not be guaranteed. Available accommodations will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis and on a temporary basis.

If you would like to offer a room or an apartment, please send your exposé template by e-mail to: accommodation-service@fu-berlin.de

We kindly ask you to use our exposé templates here.

We would be very grateful for some photos of the accommodation, so that the potential tenants can get a better impression of this place.
After determining the suitability, we can include your rental offer in our database.
As soon as we have a suitable request, we will contact you and, if necessary, establish contact between you and the interested party. However, we can not guarantee successful renting.
Your offer won´t be publicly available on our website.

The Freie Universität Berlin does not have guesthouses.
A limited contingent of private housing and room offers are managed by the accommodation office.
The places are furnished and temporary available.

In addition, guest scientists of Freie Universität Berlin can request a discount on their booking at some partner hotels through us.

No. This service is free for both parties.

However, successful renting can not be guaranteed.

The landlords are responsible for the creation and content of the leases themselves.

The ERG Universitätsservice GmbH acts exclusively as an intermediary of the two parties.

For those who are looking for accommodation and could not find suitable accommodation with our service, we provide this list for an independent search.
If you have questions about the individual accommodation options in this list, please contact the owners directly.