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Documents for landlords

On behalf of Freie Universität Berlin, ERG Universitätsservice GmbH offers international scientific guests of the university advice regarding accommodation.

We are always interested in furnished accommodation options for guest scientists of Freie Universität and would like to include your apartment or room in our private register.

If you would like to offer a room or an apartment, please send the documents below (exposé pdf  and the Letter of Agreement for Data Protection handwritten)

by e-mail to: Accommodation-service@fu-berlin.de

We would also be very grateful for some pictures of the apartment, so that the potential tenants can get a better impression of the accommodation. After we checked your rental offer we can include your accommodation in our register.

As soon as we have a suitable request, we will inform you and make contact, between you and the interested person if necessary. However, we cannot guarantee that your apartment will be rented out with our service.

We exclusively take care of the mediation of apartments, rooms or single-family homes.You as the the owner, lessor or main tenant are responsible for the provision of the rental documents. 

Your offer will not be publicly available on the website of Freie Universität Berlin.

When you send us your exposé, contact details or housing offer, your data will be electronically processed and stored for the internal organization. Please pay attention to our Data protection regulations  and send us your data protection agreement (below) originally signed including to your your exposé (below).