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UAS Volunteer Swap to Saint Petersburg State University

Last month four students from FU Berlins SUSTAIN IT! Initiative visited Saint Petersburg University

News from Oct 22, 2018

Carolin Bergmann, Friederike Feindt, Kathrin Henße and Regina Aulenbach, students of Freie Universität Berlin are dedicated members of the interdisciplinary initiative SUSTAIN IT!, an interactive platform for discussion of local and global sustainability issues in various areas to implement practical solutions on FUBs campus. The idea of the initiative is to rethink consumption habits and present fresh ideas for a more sustainable and less consumerist lifestyle.

During their visit the SUSTAIN IT! volunteers met with students from SPBU, who are also active in sustainability initiatives. Together with Russian students they organized an art project around the topic “waste and recycling”.

Additionally, Dr. Nikolai Bobylev organized an interdisciplinary seminar on sustainable development. Participants of the seminar had the possibility to exchange experience and ideas in the field of sustainable development at Saint Petersburg University. In small groups, they discussed various problems in implementation of sustainable development and how they can be solved in the university context.

Friederike Feindt also presented the newly founded Student Initiative FUrad, a "do-it-yourself-bike workshop" at Freie Universität to promote sustainable mobility and the idea of knowledge sharing on bike repair.

It is already the second volunteer swap to a UAS partner university. Last year the students visited Peking University. To find a complete report of their stay in 2017 click here.

To learn more about the initiative click here.

To find a documentation of their visit of the SPBU click here.

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