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Visit from Brasil



On 08.10. Christina Rabelo from the Universidad del Sul de Bahia, Brazil visited us.

News from Oct 22, 2018

Christina Rabelo, architect and urbanism expert at the Universidad del Sul de Bahia in Brazil visited the Unit for Sustainability and Energy Management in October.

Ms. Rabelo has launched an interdisciplinary study programme in the field of sustainability and used her stay in Germany to inform herself about the sustainability activities of the Freie Universität Berlin.

During our meeting we talked about sustainability at FU and exchanged ideas on the subject. We also used to opportunity to present some of our projects in campus, energy and waste management and introduced the activities of the University Alliance for Sustainability. This was followed by a short, sustainability tour of our campus.

We are looking forward to keeping in touch with our colleagues from the Universidad del Sul de Bahia in Brazil.

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