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Submission procedure: just a few steps

1. Enter metadata

  • Please log in on Refubium
  • Then start a new submission (select collection: studentische Abschlussarbeiten)
  • Describe your document in detail in the online form (Mandatory fields are marked in bold. A clickable i provides more details about the fields.)

2. Upload recommendation of the supervisors of the work

  • In this step, please upload the reviewer's recommendation for publications. You can find a template here.

3. Upload file(s)

  • We recommend that you upload your document as one pdf / pdf/A file (see Requirements of the pdf or pdf/A file), further formats are possible (see „Refubium A to Z“)

4. Accept the publication agreement

  • By accepting the publication agreement you allow a long term archiving of your document Furthermore you agree to the worldwide availability 

5. Formal examination and e-mail confirmation

  • Check of metadata and file(s) by the editorial team
  • Corrections if necessary
  • As soon as all requirements are met the document will be available online. The students will be informed via e-mail


Requirements of the PDF or PDF/A FILE:

  • File name: please use simple filenames e.g. Masterarbeit_Name.pdf, please avoid special characters and blanks 
  • For privacy reasons no personal data in your file
  • The files must be retrievable (OCR text recognition) to ensure a full text search
  • No password protection or any document restrictions